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O-Ring Groove Design Guides Expert Application Engineering Assistance . O-ring groove design guides offer default dimensional guidance on the most basic o-ring groove design applications. The best o-rings are useless without the right groove design which becomes increasingly important the more demanding the application environment.

Standard Size O-Ring Dimensions & Illustrations

sions. Every care has been taken to assure that the O-Ring illustrations on these pages are as accurate as possible. In most cases the O-Rings are presented from top-to-bottom and left-to right. In cases where O-Rings overlap, the label has been positioned so that it will identify only one size. O-Rings that are


1300 792 600 Groove Dimension for O-Rings Tolerances: b + 0,2, t + 0,05 Groove Dimensions Recommended Thickness of Back-up Ring = H O-Ring Cord Diameter o d 2 up to 1,6 up to 3,5 up to 6 up to 10 Back-up Ring Height - H 1 1,5 2 2,5

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An O-ring, also known as a packing or a toric joint, is a mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus; it is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section, designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, forming a seal at the interface.. The O-ring may be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the ...

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British Standard BS4518 O-ring sizes (metric O-rings) - replaced by ISO3601 standard. British Dowty O-ring sizes. German Standard DIN3771 metric O-ring sizes - replaced by ISO3601 standard. Le Joint Français 'R' metric O-ring sizes. Japanese Standard JIS B 2401 (P, G and V) O-ring sizes. Get a quote for standard or custom sized O-rings.


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The O-Ring Store LLC : O-Ring Groove Chart - O-Ring Cord Stock OSK™ Assorted O-Ring Kits OSK™ O-Ring Repair Kits OSK™ Hydraulic Seal Kits OSK™ Air Nailer O-Ring Kits O-Ring Lube O-Ring Tools AS568 O-Rings (Inch) Metric O-Rings (mm) OSK Pool, Spa & Pump O-rings Hydraulic Seals - Inch O-Ring Glue & Thread Sealant Vulcanized O-Rings O-Ring Splice Kits & Tools Hydraulic Seals …

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A vast number of seals are listed by size, detailing the cross section, ID and tolerance in both inch and metric dimensions. The guide also lists dimensional information for Parbak back-up rings. Finally, other research and design tools and resources are listed, including Parker's O-Ring eHandbook, Seal Solutions eGuide, Mobile inPHorm O-Ring ...

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O-Ring Sizing Guides. For standard sizes, aerospace standard AS568 and ISO 3601 for metric sizes are used to give the dimension and tolerance. These are the sizes that are most readily available. Since new designs should also try to incorporate these sizes, we offer groove design tools for static and dynamic applications. AS568 Standard O-Ring ...

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Because they can be expensive to machine, O-ring grooves should only be added when necessary or for metric O-rings with a cross section larger than 3.53mm. Our groove design chart is a useful aid for selecting the right metric O-ring groove dimensions for your design.

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O-ring Groove Design in 3 easy steps: Step 1. Choose whether you are working with existing hardware or designing new hardware. Select the type of O-ring groove - piston, rod, face seal or trapped seal. If the O-ring size required is known, simply select the AS, BS or ISO standard (such as AS568) and enter the dash size reference.

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The following chart gives typical gland dimensions for common o-ring sizes. Please consult with your o-ring manufacturer for custom or application specific requirements. To use this document, first identify if you have an internal or external pressure gland requirement. From the chart below, identify your nominal o-ring desired size, then your ...

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The standard sizes used by O-ring manufacturers in the United States are defined by Aerospace Standard AS568B, Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings. That document, published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), lists the sizes of O-rings in six series or …

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For additional information about O-ring and back-up ring materials, refer to Materials and about extrusion, refer to Gap extrusion. Housing groove width. To accommodate the additional back-up rings, the O-ring groove width L needs to be increased to L1 for one back-up ring or L2 for two back-up rings . The groove width dimensions are listed in ...

O-Ring Cross Section & O-Ring Groove Design Data

O-Ring cross section and o-ring groove design data from ROW, Inc. manufacturers of encapsulated o-rings and industrial gaskets

British Standard O-Ring Size Guide

O-Ring Size Guide. The safe choice for seals and moulded parts used in hydraulics, pneumatics, ... we stock all ranges of o-rings including British Imperial (BS1806), British Metric (BS4518). European Metric (ISO/ ... barely any visible joints and with a tolerance similar to a moulded o-ring acc. to ISO3601.

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3. O-Ring Design. O-rings are the most widely used seal in history because of its simplicity, low cost, ease of installation and small space requirements. O-rings are designed for both static and dynamic applications. A properly designed O-ring groove allows the O-ring to be squeezed diametrically out-of-round even before the pressure is applied.


As important as the o'ring seal itself is the groove that the o'ring seats into. The groove must be designed to accommodate not just the o'ring size, but also its intended usage; be it dynamic or static operation, radial or axial loading, vacuum or high pressure. The following information is a guide for o'ring groove dimensions for both ...

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Groove Dimensions - ISO 3601. Static Radial Applications . O-Ring C/S D Groove Depth Squeeze Inches Squeeze % E Diametrical Clearance Max. W*Groove Width +0.010/-0.000 No Back-Up Ring ... Imperial Sizing Charts. Metric Sizing Chart. Common O-Ring Failures. Material Guide. Industries. News & …

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O'ring Groove Design. As important as the o'ring seal itself is the groove that the o'ring seats into. The groove must be designed to accommodate not just the o'ring size, but also its intended usage; be it dynamic or static operation, radial or axial loading, vacuum or high pressure.

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This reference table gives the dimensions of all BS O-rings available right now. British Standard (BS) O-rings come in many styles and sizes. This reference table gives the dimensions of all BS O-rings available right now. +44 (0) 1909 560 203. [email protected] ... BS O-Ring Dimensions BS O-Ring Dimensions. Published 9th December 2020 ...



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AS568B STANDARD O-RING GROOVE DESIGN Contact Us For Assistance Or Samples Click Here and contact us today to receive a quote or if you have any questions regarding sizing. × Dismiss alert The three main types of standard groove designs are Industrial Static also called Radial, Industrial Reciprocating also called Dynamic, and Face Seals also […]

O-Ring Groove Design | Global O-Ring and Seal

O-Ring Groove Design | Global O-Ring and Seal

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According to BS4518 the O-Ring reference number = O-Ring Inside dia (mm - 4 digits -1 decimal place)"-" O Ring Section (mm - 2 digits - 1 decimal place) with the decimal point excluded. For example 0545-30 is an O-ring of 54.5mm ID with 3.0 mm section Surface Texture. The surface texture of the surfaces in contact with the O-ring seals should ...

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'o' ring groove size All Seals CHEM-RINGS are designed to be used in all standard 'O' Ring grooves with the same housing dimensions and clearances as for standard elastomeric seals. Our recommendations for BS 1806/AS 568 Imperial Standard 'O' Ring grooves are tabulated below for the standard groove design show below.

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Pressure- Upto 100 Bar-O-Ring-75° Shore A Hardness. Pressure- Upto 150 Bar-O-Ring-90° Shore A Hardness. Pressure- Above 150 Bar-Recommend to use Backup Ring.

Metric O-Ring Groove Dimensions

This metric o-ring groove design reference guide will help you find the right radius, back-up, pressure and other o-ring dimensions for basic applications. Once you find the exact metric o-ring you need, you can easily order online from the world's largest o-ring inventory network. C/S.

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and identify your existing 'O' ring. 6) Quote the appropriate part number. 'O' ring diameter section A and inside diameter B. If 'O' ring is a non-standard size Please contact our Technical Support Team. We have in excess of 6000 'O' ring moulds in our library, and are …

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American Metric ® Corporation Ametric ® GROUP: 162 ANSI (Inch) Retaining Rings Internal-----.240.250 1050 1220 1980 2460

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BS1806 O-Ring Sizes. The British Standard BS1806 is an Imperial standard that defines both the o-ring and hardware dimensions for rod, piston, face and trapped grooves. The nominal hardware dimensions around which it operates are defined in inches. Although BS1806 has been superceded by ISO3601, it is still widely used by industry.

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