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Thin Section Preparation & Analytical Petrographic Services . Spectrum Petrographics, Inc. 13023 NE Highway 99 Ste. 7, #208. Vancouver, WA 98686. [email protected]

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Petrography Consumables. The Kemet range of Geological sample preparation equipment can cater for high or low volume production. Preparing thin sections, requires highly specialized equipment and skills because the specimen is extremely thin, generally around 20 microns for observations with transmitted light microscope.

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Equipment Used for Petrography and Thin Section. Learn the pieces of equipment used in petrographic thin section preparation. Call National Petrographic for more details about their thin section services.

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Polishing mouse 48 x 28 mm without inspection window. Take this polishing mouse with your microscope slide (48 x 28 mm) for a finished polishing in a convenient and safe way. It is milled from massive aircraft aluminum, approx. 5,5 x 3,5 x 0,8 cm. The polishing mouse …


At Quality Thin Sections we pride ourselves on delivering high quality thin sections, polished sections and affordable lab work all within your timetable. whether its lab work for geologists, students, archaeologists, or soil scientists we can provide your petrography needs As you look through the site please note that we keep our pricing and turnaround times easy to understand and straight ...

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We offer a complete range of instruments for Geological / Petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece of rock and finishing at 20 microns. This exciting product range offers you the latest in technology and functional design to provide high levels of performance in preparation of minerological samples and thin section specimens.

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This ensures the stable production of thin sections with an even thickness over the whole area of the specimen, as well as a reproducible thickness from thin section to thin section. For most purposes (including standard petrographic analysis) the thin sections can be …

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In any petrographic study, a small subset of samples may be selected for XRD analysis if either prior examination (such as thin section petrology or SEM analysis) suggests it will provide useful data. Diffractograms shown the bulk sample (red) and clay fraction (blue).

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https:// - We offer a complete range of instruments for Geological / Petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece o...

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How to make rock thin sections, without much equipment! What you need: • petrographic glass slides and cover slips. • Epoxy. • small diamond saw (a tile saw will do fine). • lap for grinding -- a 10 to 12" square of plate glass will work if you don't have a wheel lap.


This article presents a procedure for petrographic and micromorphological thin-section preparation and examination in extra-laboratory and field conditions. Employing basic, frequently-improvised, off-the-shelf equipment, standard petrographic thin sections of rocks, sediments, ceramics, mortars, and plasters can be produced and examined.

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Petrographic studies. Additional analytical services. Thin Section Lab is equipped for full petrographic examination of polished thin sections by optical microscopy. Our standard reports include rock classification and description, quantitative mineralogy and sample microphotographs, with more detailed studies available on request.

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The Rock and Thin Section Preparation Laboratory is operated by Mr. Pike Holman in the basement floor (Room 012) of Lindley Hall. The laboratory provides sample preparation services to students, faculty, researchers, and clients from the public and private sectors. Common services that are provided include preparation of petrographic thin/thick ...

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Thin section Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. In optical mineralogy and petrography, a thin section (or petrographic thin section) is a laboratory preparation of a rock, mineral, soil, pottery, bones, or even ...

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Product Description. Precision thin sectioning machine for petrography - Cutting and Grinding up to 30 microns or less = Diamond Wheels from 6" to 10" -Cup grinding wheels from 6" to 8" - Complete with Vacuum pump and chuck - Built in micrometer - Door Limit Switch - 2 HP Motor.

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Preparation of Petrographic Thin Sections Pulihed uehler a diiion o Illinoi Tool or olume Iue SU TS Introduction Petrography is the study of rocks and minerals using a microscope. Cross sections are useful for the identification of rocks, minerals and ores and to the characterization of properties such as cleavage, ... Equipment* IsoMet ...

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Equipment includes: 1. Pelcon automatic petrographic thin section machine with diamond drum grinders. The Pelcon achieves micron-level flatness and consistent thickness for superior thin and ultra-thin sections on glass slides. Ideal for sectioning of hard and/or brittle materials including minerals/biominerals, rock, bone, ceramics, and sediments.

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Petrographic Thin section Saw-Grinder Once a sample block has been glued to a glass slide, it is ready for further cutting and grinding on the 'Petrographic Thin Section Saw - Grinder'. Nicknamed the 'Green Machine', samples are cut to a thickness of between 200 and 100 microns (0.2mm to 0.1mm).

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Figure 2.2.1. A thin section on a petrographic microscope stage. The general procedure for creating thin sections has remained nearly the same since the modern version was created nearly 200 years ago. In this section, we review examples of modern thin section …


A procedure for petrographic and micromorphological thin sections preparation and examination in extra-laboratory and field conditions is presented. With use of basic, often improvised off the shelf equipment, standard petrographic thin sections of

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Geoform 102 Precision Thin Section Cutting and Grinding Machine. For fast and precise material removal of petrographic thin sections, Programmable with 7" HMI touch screen control with PLC control unit, electronic micrometer for precise grinding off material from the sample on the slide, for diamond cutting wheels up to 250 mm in diameter, with variable wheel speed 500-2000 rpm, vacuum …

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Thin sections made from rocks, minerals, cement/concrete, construction and building materials, and bone are mounted with epoxy, Crystalbond™ or Mounting Media onto a 46 x 27mm glass slide for routine petrography, reflected and transmitted light microscopy, EPMA, SEM/EDS, automated mineralogy, cathodoluminescence (CL) and EBSD analyses.

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Thin Section Lab. Room: BH147 Contact: Jae Erickson. Rock saws, laps, automated thin section and polishing equipment for production of petrographic thin sections, polished thin sections, and fluid inclusion sections. X-Ray Diffractometer. Room: BH405 Contact: Dr. Ric Wendlandt. A powder x-ray diffraction system used for mineral characterization.

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Equipment Used for Petrography and Thin Section . A thin section is a laboratory preparation of a rock, bone, soil, pottery, mineral, or metal sample for petrography, optical mineralogy, polarization microscopy, and microstructural analysis.

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Thin sections (i) Introduction This section provides a description of a possible method for thin section preparation 3. This method of preparation is commonly employed in the UK, however it should be noted that many other procedures and types of equipment are available. However, for all methods employed it is essential that the

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Durability and compaction equipment include the Micro-Deval device for fine and coarse aggregate degradation in wet exposures, plus standard and modified proctor testing equipment. Cutting, lapping, and polishing equipment—for preparation of petrographic thin sections and other specimens—is available in the materials preparation labs.

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A modified light microscope used to analyse the mineralogical content of rocks and minerals in thin section. Also known as a polarising microscope. Samples. Thin sections of samples ... Equipment/Machine. Petrographic Microscope-- Polarising filter-Rotating stage-2nd polarising analyser.

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Your time is precious, so Thin Section Australia combines the latest automated equipment, web-based pricing/ordering and reliable service to deliver high quality petrographic, geographic and mineral sample preparation every time.

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The PetroThin Thin Sectioning System is a precise easy-to-use precision thin section cutting machine for re-sectioning and thinning a wide variety of samples, such as rocks and minerals, ceramics, concrete, bone, and teeth for performing materials characterization.

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Thin Section Petrography Descriptions - A detailed description of the texture, framework grains, pore system, and authigenic minerals identified in a thin section. Useful to describe mudrock, siltstone, and some limestones (mudstone, wackestone, boundstone).

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Thin Section & Sample Preparation. Kemet have a range of Thin Section & Sample Preparation equipment to help with your processes; Sectioning of rock, ceramics, minerals, glass, concrete. Precise material removal of petrographic thin sections. Our most popular machine is the Kemtech III - able to accurately lap and polish thin sections mounted ...

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Preparing thin sections, on the other hand, requires highly specialized equipment and skills because the specimen is extremely thin, generally around 20 Petrography / Thin Sectioning - GEOCUT, GEOFORM - microns for observations with transmitted light microscope.